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Pet Legends is an all-ages 3D MMORPG modern-fantasy adventure where you battle undead monsters, vanquish elemental lords and complete multiplayer quests, as you bring on your trusted Pets to battle with you.
Pet Legends supports multiple Pet Community Tokens that fully harnessing the power of Solana's composability, with multi-chain support coming soon. Players will be able to use their favourite Pet Community Token to unlock quests & battle pets in game. Specific tokens to be announced!

Pet Legends Story

Pet Legends has an island that was once in perfect harmony, ruled by eight elemental lords who kept the balance in check. However, all of that changed with the arrival of Sebastian. During the first clan wars, the lords granted all citizens the ability to learn Elemental Magic, which led to peace and prosperity. But Sebastian was the exception. At the time he was exploring the deep dark caves where the elemental lords decree could not reach.
Driven by jealousy and anger towards those who had powers he lacked, Sebastian became an outcast and retreated to the peace of the dark caves. He eventually stumbled upon dark crystals that gave him the ability to control the minds of others and to resurrect the skeletons in the ancient caves. Sebastian continued to grow in power but also in wealth as he took over the mineral rich mountains discovering gold and jewels.
With his newfound powers, he first took over the high mountain village of Ezra and then offered the Treasures to the lords, who unsuspectingly fell under his control. One by one, Sebastian gained control of all eight elemental lords, and with the help of undead creatures, Sebastian began to dominate all regions of the Island. The once peaceful and prosperous community was now under his tyrannical rule.
The people of Pet Legends began to fight back. They found that combining their own power with elemental Battle Pets, they stood a chance to defend and restore elemental balance to their world. Join the people of Pet Legends as they fight against Sebastian, the ruler of the elemental lords, and defend their world from the hordes of undead creatures and his oppressive regime.