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Pet Summon Quests

(Token rewards Coming Soon)
Look forward to SolDoge and his L2 Energy Blasts!
During your time in Pet Legends, you will be to complete Quests to unlock "Pet Summon" cards. This will grant you a timed-restricted Battle Pet to fight alongside you. Look forward to finding your favourite Pet Community Token and the ability to summon them to help fight Sebastian and his dark forces.

How to Summon Your Favourite Pet

In Pet Legends you can find your favourite Pet in game and by helping them with a quest you will be able to summon him for 300 seconds to fight alongside you. They have an exclamation mark "!" above their heads which shows there is an active Summon Quest available.
Once you click the Pet, a popup will show the Pet Summon Quest that is available. Typically these are grind quests where you will be able to earn the Pet Token upon successful completion of the quest task.
After completing the Pet Summon Quest, you can use the summon via your player inventory. You can also drag the summon item into your inventory shortcuts at the bottom of the screen.
After you summon your pet you will have 300 seconds (5 minutes) with your favourite Pet running along side of you as you battle Sebastian and his evil Skelly forces.
Make sure to watch out for your Pet's health bar and how long the summon will remain via the countdown timer. Currently you can summon multiple different Pet's at the same time to greatly help your attack strength against the enemy.