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Pet Legends Characters

In order to summon & control pets in the game Pet Legends, you need to select a character. There are free characters available to use in game, that have minimal trait characteristics.

Elemental Traits

Each character has character traits representing all the Pet Legend Elements:
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Sky
  • Rock
  • Energy (electricity)
  • Light
  • Dark

Gamerplex OG NFT Characters

In 2022, we released Gamerplex OG NFT's to our community. With a supply of 420, these playable characters have steadily been given away to early Gamerplex community members and Pet Legend beta testers.
Gamerplex OG's have high elemental traits and in-game special Quest bonuses. They are available at secondary markets at Magic Eden and Fractal.

Kin Characters

Kin Characters are purchasable via $KIN in game. They are not an NFT but an in-game item, designed to be obtained simply through completing Quests and help players onboard into Web3.

Pet Legends Characters

Pet Legends are a new collection of 1000 unique playable character NFT's that will be available during an upcoming release. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch!