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Cyberwars (paused)

In the year 2050, a rebel group of techno hackers uncovered a way to generate enough energy to power their weapon systems in order to defend themselves against the endless onslaught of their robot overlords. Now armed with fission grenades as well as rail guns and laser guns; they fought against the enemy bot net, destroying one of their main datacenter power sources. The day of this insurgent victory later became known as Solhacker Freedom Day.
As the Cyber War between humanity and AI raged on, the SOL City District 2 - X - became a barren wasteland, uninhabitable by humans and robots alike. The location eventually became radioactive and began to generate quasar-like EMP bursts. This tear in space and time became the very first Vortex gateway that, once fully understood, opened up the Exaverse to humanity and thus began the exploration of parallel dimensions and time travel.

Cyberwars Gameplay


2021 Q3
2021 Q4
2022 Q1-Q3
Cyberwars UE4 Demo
Improve Cybertruck controls
Stardust wallet management
Add player controls
Build green/red zones
Stardust wallet management
Basic weapon system
Stardust integration
Improve MMORPG Storyline
Basic mission system
Improve Cybertruck driving
Improve enemy robot weapons
Robot enemy AI
Audius music integration
Enable Multiplayer
Cybertruck driving
In-game NFT integration
BotNet datacentre/power level
Playable Alpha via Launcher
Migrate to UE5