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Contention (paused)

Earth has been ravaged and the remaining clans of humanity are fighting over the precious resources remaining. Several zones of contentions have been identified, take charge of your clan and fight to control oil fields, wind farms, farmlands and ore mines in this multiplayer FPS shooter!


Contention Zones

The different zones of resource contention occur across a variety of global energy & food areas. These range from oil processing plants, to solar energy stations, through to wind & wheat farms.

Wild Wells

Tornado Alley

Contention testing of Tornado Alley level


2021 Q3/Q4
2022 Q1/Q2
2022 Q3/Q4
Prototype FPS gameplay
Improve weapon designs
Mad Max Vehicle Gameplay
Solana Desert level design
Character profile load outs
Solana Desert Level Returns
Multiplayer battle system
Standardise login system
Tank Battles
Improve character designs
Multiplayer leaderboards
Dam Water Level
Android Mobile App
Character XP level system
Wheat Belt Farm Level
Multiplayer tournaments
Global Level Selection Map
Wild Wells Refinery Level
Clan fighting system
Wind Farm Scenic Level
Global Domination battles