Gamerplex NFTs

Gamerplex will release verified non-fungible tokens which can be used across multiple games in the Exaverse. The NFTs will include characters, coins and other assets such as vehicles and accessories.
Gamerplex aims to expand the metaverse and the Solana gaming ecosystem using Solana gaming protocols. Additionally, game development will be community-driven; guided by feedback received by beta testers playing game prototypes.
Official member of the Kinland Olympic Team, Boxer Beeman is going for gold!

Gamerplex OG NFT's

There have been 420 Gamerplex OG NFT's minted with all to be given away to early community contributors. Holding these NFT's allow access to a special Grape Verified Access "OG Lounge" channel on Discord, along with other cool surprises!
These Gamerplex OG NFT's are also available on an external secondary marketplace called Magic Eden.

Special NFT Trait Attributes

All Gamerplex NFT's have special trait attributes that are interpreted by our Exaverse games in unique ways.

Upcoming Exaverse Citizens

Playable characters called Exaverse Citizens will be released in the near future, please stay tuned for announcements via our blog, Twitter and Discord.
Exaverse Citizens will be playable across our games with in-game capabilities determined by their NFT traits. See below for an example of Arty Aria who will be playable in Kinland!