Exaverse & The EXA Token

The metaverse can be described as shared virtual 3D worlds that are immersive, interactive, and collaborative. It is a new iteration of the internet which builds upon the current 2D interface we have become accustomed to.
The metaverse of integrated games using Gamerplex’s EXA Token is called the Exaverse. Every game that makes up the Exaverse will support cross-game NFTs that have been minted on Solana and are available on popular Solana NFT marketplaces.
The distribution of the Solana-based EXA token to game developers and players throughout the exaverse ecosystem will lead to the establishment of the Exaverse DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), enabling a truly decentralized metaverse.
Over time, as EXA token issuance spreads throughout game builders and players, the Exaverse DAO will enable active participants to self-govern the future direction of game and ecosystem development.