Kinland is an all-ages 3D MMORPG adventure where you explore Kinland Island. You can collect $KIN tokens, battle undead monsters, vanquish elemental gods and complete multiplayer quests.
Released on Web, PC, MAC, Linux & Mobile and running on Solana, we want this game to scale to a billion users and educate young and old crypto and NFT's! Check out the roadmap for upcoming release information!

Kinland Story

Kinland is an island that is ruled by 8 elemental gods. In the past, during the first clan wars, there was much death and destruction and the gods decided to assist.
The gods decreed that on Genesis day, all citizens of Kinland were given the ability to learn Elemental Magic to help build their cities and grow their community.
With all citizens having equal magic power and with the Elemental gods providing guidance, humanity chose not to be at war. This resulted in great prosperity and growth for the Island community over many years of peace.
However, one human named Sebastian, was exploring dark caves in the treacherous Kin Mountains on Genesis Day. He was deep within a Dark Crystal cave, where even the gods power could not reach. When he returned from his adventure, he was the only human who could not learn Elemental Powers.
Over time as other humans grew stronger, he grew angry and jealous at the other humans. He could not grow as prosperous as the other humans, and got further behind year after year. He appealed to other humans and also asked the gods to grant him powers, but his cries fell on deaf ears. His outbursts became more blatant and he was exiled from towns after being labelled an outcast.
At a loss, Sebastian journeyed back into the Dark Caves, to find out why he was forsaken. Deep within the cave network, Sebastian discovered great Dark elemental power, the power to rival other humans and even the gods.
He forged crystals and placed them within Gold treasures, that would place mind control over the owner. First he gave them to humans and took over the high mountain village of Ezra. But to rule all the lands of Kinland, he would have to think bigger. He then offered the Treasures to the gods, who welcomed his gift of opulence.
One by one, the gods came under his control and Sebastian’s power grew immensely. Within the deep cave network, Sebastian kept digging, discovering more precious gold, metal and jewels. He reached a point where he could dig no further down. He tried with all his might to break through but could not go any further. Until the moment when he controlled the Energy god, and managed to open up a “Vortex” that granted him access to the “Exaverse”, a metaverse that spans across different worlds across space and time.
One world, dominated by Dark forces, contained undead creatures that obeyed his almighty power. In order to rule all the areas of Kinland, he summoned these creatures through the Vortex to begin dominating all regions of Kinland.
Join the people of Kinland as they fight against Sebastion, the ruler of the elemental gods and defend against the hordes of undead creatures.
The elemental gods of Kinland.
These elemental gods are actually EPIC NFT's in our upcoming Exaverse Citizen drop! They are also the key Bosses you fight in Kinland Campaign (single player)!

Kinland Gameplay

Kinland gameplay
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2021 Q1/Q2
2021 Q3/Q4
2022 Q1/Q2
3D Coin Collection Prototype
Add Kin Pets
Kinland for Web
Kin Town demo level
Fix Char Movement in Kin Town
Kinland for Linux
Google Play Store Beta
Kin Town Car Self-nav
Kinland for iPhone
Kin Home & Kin Farm Release
Improved Kin Pet Attacks
Multiplayer Mini-Games
Improve Kick/Punch Attacks
Release Level 4 Racing
$KIN SDK Integration
Add Sword/Axe Attacks
Mac & Windows Builds
Solana NFT Integration
Monster Town Boss Fight
Release Kin City Level
Add first MMORPG Quest